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The mZone

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Is your mobile strategy getting you into the mZone?

The area of mobility convergence, where a retailer must maintain influence to gain customers, increase revenues and maintain their competitive advantage is defined as the mZone.

The rapid adoption of smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc) by consumers has blurred the lines between traditional enterprise applications and consumer-only services.  Mobility extends the retailer’s ‘zone of influence’ with the customer – beyond both the “brick and mortar” and web–based channels.  Retailers must embrace this convergence and welcome the opportunity that it presents to leverage common services and programs.  “Moment of Influence” and “Moment of Decision”  become relevant marketing terms in the retail enterprise.

Trovera mPower Solutions enable targeted marketing and provide integrated consumer self service and assisted retail applications.  These solutions extend a retailer’s reach “outside the four walls”  via a smart phone – driving both visits and basket size.  Inside the store, self-service and associate–assisted mobile applications continue to build customer loyalty, increase revenue, and improve margins.


The mZone is the retailer controlled mobile interaction zone where a retailer and their customers interact.   The mZone solutions, from Trovera, help enrich the customer's shopping experience while providing the tools and up-to-date information for retail associates to better sell and serve their customers.


SMS Marketing and Customer Interaction
Price Checker
Product Locator

Gift Registry Update & Fulfillment

In-Store Enterprise

Store Associate
- Price Management
- Stock Movement
- Inventory
- Signage

Sales Tools


Gift Registry
Gift Registry Update & Fulfillment
Captive Portal
- Product Locator
- Circular Viewer

Location Marketing and Customer Interaction

Price Checker / Kiosk

mzone-mfphone Consumer receiving SMS Marketing or joining loyalty program mzone-mfxm Shopper being assisted by Store Associate with mobile sale or MPOS Application mzone-fmmc17 Couple using in-store Gift Registry
mzone-mffiphone Consumer receives notification and instant access to friends new Baby Registry mzone-fxm Store associate locates inventory for customer, tenders payment, and arranges for next day delivery mzone-fmifphones Shoppers using Captive Portal or Registry Fulfillment
mzone-miphones Loyalty Customer receives special limited time offer or notification for customer pick-up mzone-mxm Store Associate receiving shipment or changing  shelf tags or ticket prices mzone-mpricecheck Customer uses Price Checker to locate product or verify price

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