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Working With Us

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Trovera is ready to assist you with your mobility needs.  Whether you’re interested in our available product offerings, a professional services package, or a custom development project. Trovera’s team of seasoned professionals are ready to help.

A typical customer engagement involves:

  1. A needs assessment phone call to gather information on your current situation and needs.
  2. Provide our product and service information and recommend possible solution sets to address your needs.
  3. Schedule a webinar or face-to-face meeting to present Trovera capabilities, retail and mobility trends, and to further refine your mobility requirements.
  4. Initiate a Professional Services consultation to formalize the engagement while generating a specific action plan and recommendations, based on our expert’s report from on-site systems review, operational interviews, and data gathering.
  5. Assist in the development of an ROI/TCO.
  6. Develop a Solution Proposal which includes Trovera Products and Project Services that make the integration and deployment of your new mobility solution as simple as possible.
  7. Proposal Acceptance and Project Kickoff.



Our Signature – 90-Day Project Model

Trovera leverages the use of web-centric technologies and our proven quality management system to deliver our products and projects on-time and on-budget.

Our project methodology targets delivery of a solution to the customer following a ninety-day project model.  At the outset of every project it is our goal to deliver a solution for customer review or deployment in ninety days or less.  Even for larger projects, our Iterative Spiral Development model provides for sequential, back-to-back deliverables  - each developed in  the 90-day framework, to allow for customer review and feedback.  This results in a solution that has full customer visibility and meets the stringent quality standards we set for our products and services, thus assuring our customers the highest level of quality.

Traditional Project Model

For large scale projects that are impossible to do in 90 days or in an iterative 90 day model, Trovera utilizes its proven quality management system to deliver products and projects on-time and on-budget.  This results in a solution that meets the system’s documented requirements and specifications  - thus assuring our customers the highest level of quality.

Ensuring Success with Quality Management

Trovera follows a proven quality management system for the delivery of our products and customer projects. Our project management methodology and quality standards are practiced in all phases of our product and project delivery efforts to provide a repeatable, auditable process that assures our partners and customers the highest level of quality.  Commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction is reflected in constant improvement of our own business processes, and the successful deployment of customer mobile computing solutions to retail organizations both small and large.



Working with Us
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